Plastová okna, dřevěná okna, střešní okna - vše s komplexním servisem od Geus okna a.s.Plastová okna, dřevěná okna, střešní okna - vše s komplexním servisem od Geus okna a.s.

Doors and windows from Geus okna a.s.

We manufacture PVC windows, doors and eurowindows for more than 20 years. We offer complex solutions for all wall openings. Everything is provided from one place - from professional consultation, manufacturing, installation to the final service.


PVC windows >>>

plastová okna Gealan

Carefree, PVC windows keep their appearance even without regular repainting. They also endure difficult atmospheric conditions. PVC windows are color stable and have become a modern time-tested standard.

  • Carefree
  • UV and color stable
  • Available in a wide arrange of colors and finishes
  • Recyclable

Wooden EURO windows >>>

dřevěná okna a dveře
Beautiful designs of natural materials are typical for EURO windows. Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, aluminium accessories and high quality paint, the product lasts much longer than regular wooden windows. The wood used is also ideal for construction of frameless windows and glass walls.

  • Natural material pleasing to the eye and touch
  • Wide range of tints or glazing coatings
  • Requires periodic renewal paint

Aluminium windows >>>

Hliníková okna a dveře v průmyslové budově
Aluminium windows are an essential part of contemporary architecture. Entrances of residential buildings, constructions under constant pressure, schools or office buildings – these are locations ideal for aluminium doors and windows.

  • Modern design
  • Solid and durable constructions
  • Ideal for large glazed areas

Casement windows >>>

Nové dřevěné špaletové okno, obě křídla otevíraná dovnitř
Whether you wish to remodel an older settlement, reconstruct an apartment in a historic district or you simply fancy original double glazed windows with brass handles, we are capable of granting that wish – we handle even historically difficult reconstructions.

  • Window repairs and replacements in listed buildings
  • Preservation or replication of original ornaments possible
  • Insertion of isolation glass in either frame possible
  • Patina coated metal parts possible




Roof windows >>>

Plastová střešní okna Skylight
You would hardly find a family house with a classic gable roof without skylights. Letting in daylight and providing a view of the starry skies all the while preserving thermal isolation qualities, shades, all with minimal maintenance required. Geus´  roof windows  “SkyLight“ are a source of joy for every proud owner.


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